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"The SLUg that Could" or "The NSLU2 and You"

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I have been doing some research on making a cheap NAS(network attached storage) box capable of sharing up to 1TB(1,000 gigabytes) of storage. After a little research and some googling I decided on the NSLU2:

It has a low power consumption (1.5W) and is able to share over a network connection(through two USB ports) two hard drives (500GB each).
But the fun doesn't stop there. The NSLU2 (affectionately know as the "SLUg") runs linux, and runs it well.

These sites are dedicated to hacking the SLUg:
info on the NTFS update(this is a must for people who do not want to reformat)
Tom's Networking
Adding an iTunes server

All these great opportunities and still only $80.

And for all of you wannabe linksys hackers check out linksysinfo.org

Or if you have an older computer and just want to make it into a NAS go and check out Server Elements it has free NAS OS solutions ranging from a bootable floppy to a NASLite installable OS.

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